The Benefits of Wool Carpet

  • Strong and resilient

Wool carpet will provide superior performance over many years as it can offer unique resilience and long lasting durability. The natural crimp of wool offers valuable ‘bounce-back’ qualities which reduce tracking and shading and your carpet will maintain a good appearance over many years.

  • Easy care

Wool is a natural fibre that has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils and its outer surface of microscopic scales and as a result additional anti-soil treatments are not necessary. Simply vacuuming the carpet will keep it looking good. But spills need prompt blotting with white paper towels or an absorbent cloth.

  • Soft and warm

Wool carpets look luxurious and feel amazingly comfortable underfoot; wool carpets also bring warmth to your home and acts as an insulator. A wool carpet will improve heat retention and energy efficiency.

  • Peace and quiet

Wool absorbs sounds and cushions noise transfers.

  • Fire retardant

Wools is naturally fire resistant, has slow ignition rate and tests show that it is self extinguishing

  • Anti-allergy

The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold fine dust until vacuumed which helps to reduce floating particulates in the atmosphere. Wool does not give off harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria and wool is not a food source for dust mites.

  • Natural and sustainable

Grown on sheep, which graze freely, wool is both 100% natural and fully sustainable.

  • Biodegradable

Wool fibre is biodegradable in soil and will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients.

  • Environmentally Assessed

Wool is an environmentally responsible fibre that has been measured in terms of its ecological impact