The benefits of a good underlay:

  • Improve underfoot comfort
  • Reduce flattening of your carpet
  • Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear
  • Improve thermal insulation and keep rooms warmer
  • Increase sound insulation
  •  Smooth out sub-floor imperfections

An old underlay or an underlay of poor quality will:

  • Feel hard and unwelcoming
  • Reduce carpet life
  • Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots
  • Cause carpet fibres to break down more quickly
  • Not meet British Standards

A thicker underlay is generally better, but guidelines to follow are:

  • 11mm is often used for luxury installation
  • 7mm and 9 mm are the common domestic thickness used

We stock four thicknesses of underlay and our prices starts at £3.99 per square meters.