Things to consider when choosing your floor covering

  • Style, what colours and texture are you looking for? Are you after a cosy, sleek, rustic, traditional or minimal look?
  • Which areas are to be covered? Will the areas have a heavy footfall?
  • Do you have cats or dogs? Some floor coverings are easier to clean and maintain than others.
  • Will there be regular food and drink spillage?
  • Will a wheelchair be used?
  • Is it a long term investment or a short term solution?



Please come in and talk to us if you have any questions regarding what floor covering you need and we can advise you what would be the best practical choice and guide you through our products.

How to measure an area for carpet

When measuring an area for carpet you need to measure the widest and the longest points of the room. Make sure that you are aware of any recesses or drop backs in the room.

How to measure stairs

  • Measure the rise and thread of the steps
  • Measure the width of the step
  • Count how many steps you have